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Helicopter flying in the Czech Republic has a long tradition. In recent years the number of private and commercial helicopter pilots rapidly increased. That lead to starting new sport - “Helisport” where helicopter pilots demonstrate their skills and abilities to control the aircraft under stress and time pressure.

All sport fragments are derived from the Search and rescue SAR and HEMS air ambulance manoeuvres. Competing pilots exercise a use of helicopters in situations simulating rescuing human lives.

In 2015 we were the first ever helicopter national team competing at 15th FAI World Helicopter Championship and our airfield Podhorany held the 1st Czech Helicopter Championship. The competition was held under the auspices of the Aero Club of the Czech Republic, according to international rules, the FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale).
Later the same year our best crew went to compete to 4th FAI World Air Games in Dubai were placed an excellent tenth place.

Continuing with the tradition, the airfield Podhořany organized the 2nd Czech Helicopter Championship 2016.

Helicopter competition is certainly very attractive for spectators because almost all events take place right in front of them. Anyone who loves smell of petrol and flapping sound of rotor blades shouldn’t miss this event.

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